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water softening for your home
Efficient and electronic, the E3 is the perfect place to start when reducing the effects of hard water on your home, your family and appliances.
Solve multiple water problems at once efficiently

The ProMate 6.5 DMT (Dual Media Technology) is a compact single tank softener that combines high efficiency and Vortech™ midplate technology to treat multiple water problems at once all while saving up to 30% on salt and up to 50% on water versus most entry-level softeners. And with several dual media configurations available, you can handle everything from taste and odor concerns to tannins.
Standard softener with advanced Vortech™ distribution plate technology

Built around a Vortech™ distribution plate with Superior Flow technology and featuring 10% commercial grade resin, the ProMate 6.0 uses less water and retains efficiency longer than most entry level systems—all while reducing energy costs by maintaining ENERGY STAR ratings.
Filter iron without the use of chemicals

The ProMate 6 Storm uses the natural disinfection powers of ozone to filter iron, sulfur and manganese from your home’s water. Ozone eliminates the need for chemical feed pumps, is 1.5 times stronger than chlorine, more environmentally friendly and safe for septic systems.
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